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Jeanette Cooper, a native Georgian, a former elementary school teacher, graduate of University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Education, is mother of a son, grandmother of a grandson, and lives in North Florida near the Suwannee River. Her motivation for becoming a teacher was inspired by her work through the Laubach Literacy Program, teaching illiterate adults to read and write. Her motivation for writing started in her youth and took wings when she retired from teaching with an output of fourteen novels and one poetry book.


Jeanette enjoys walking, reading, cooking, and gardening, but her greatest pleasure comes from writing and watching characters come alive as they interact with one another in adventurous life-like dramas that stimulate reading pleasure. Her latest romantic suspense novels are Passionate Promise, Vulnerable to Deceptive Love, Stripped of Dignity and Someone Wants Her Dead.

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